Friday, 26 October 2007

Great American Railway

In 1861 the American Railway was just begun
In 1861 the Great American Railway

Pansy ansy ory ay

Pansy ansy ory ay
Pansy ansy ory ay
The Great American Railway

In 1862 I found myself with nothing to do

In 1862 through working on the railway

In 1863 the overseers accepted me

In 1864 my hands & feet were sore

In 1865 I found myself more dead than alive

In 1866 I happened to tread on some dynamite sticks

In 1867 I found myself on the way to heaven

In 1868 I found myself at the Golden Gate

In 1869 the chariot's silver wings were mine

In 18-sixty-10 if you want any more you can sing it again

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