Monday, 29 October 2007

The jamboree song

March, march, march on the road with me

To the Boy Scout Jamboree

Join the throng & swing along

As we sing our song


Jamboree, jamboree

Come give three hearty cheers

And we'll go marching on together

Another 50 years

Every hour let the valleys ring

With the scouty songs we sing

Underneath the stars at night

In the camp fire's light


We're the boys of the left hand shake

Boy Scouts all & wide awake

Hiking over hill & dale

Singing on the trail


Marching on with the BP lead

Ev'ry colour, ev'ry creed

All for one & life is good

In our brotherhood


Years from now down a mem'ry lane

We shall work & live again

Their guest days with you & me

At the Jamboree


1 comment:

stuart said...

We sang this song at the Jamboree in Cork in 1956. I was eight then and have always remembered the words!