Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Golden Jubilee in 1959 was celebrated with a Jamboree at Chatsworth, which I attended

Rockets & races, sputniks & spaces

This is the world we know

Speed is our master

Faster, faster

That is the way things go.

Yet we remember how in September

Just 50 years ago

Girls in their pigtails

Gate-crashed gaily

Into the boys own show

And so the Guides come swinging along

Still young & strong

And we can't imagine how you'd get on without us

Now that we've lived so long

Now we are older, stronger, bolder

Playing a wider game

Yet in our camping, questing, tramping

Surely we're just the same.

Love for our labour, care for our neighbour,

These are the things we learn

Doing & daring, seeking, sharing

Finding the next good turn


Growing & changing, now we all are ranging

Out to the farthest sea

From distant places smiling faces

Join in, Greeted our Jubilee

You who love Guiding, where are you hiding?

This is a gift to give

You who pass by us, come & try us

This is the life to live


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