Saturday, 1 December 2007

Alphabetical Index of titles

The Chalet Song

The Chief
The Chinese Fan
The Great American Railway
The Guides Marching Song
The Guiding trail
The Jamboree Song
The Keeper
The Lord is good to me

The Mosquitoes

The Poor Girl Guides
The Red Men
The silver trumpet

The World Song

Theres A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

This Little Guiding Light

Toi qui depose

White coral bells

Who stole the cooky


Tuesday, 20 November 2007



Thanks & praise
For our days
Neath the sun

Neath the stars

Neath the sky

As we go

This we know

God is nigh


Day is done

Gone the sun

From the sea

From the hills

From the sky

All is well

Safely well

God is nigh

Coming up the valley

They are coming up the valley,

Coming up the valley

Coming up the valley one by one

Coming up the valley, coming up the valley

Coming to the rising of the sun

They are going down the valley

Going down the valley

Going down the valley one by one

Going down the valley, going down the valley

Going to the setting of the sun

Monday, 19 November 2007

My old Flivver

My old Flivver is my best friend
All you need to give her is a twist & a bend

She ain't worth a nickel

But I'll bet my jeans

She's brought a million dollar's worth

Of smiles to me

She needs new tyres for front & rear

The horn won't speak to the steering gear

She's a bit lopsided

And the lamps won't light

But outside that my Flivver's all right

Um tiddly um pom. Bleep! Bleep!

White coral bells

White coral bells upon a slender stalk
Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk

Oh how I wish that I could hear them sing

That will only happen when the fairies sing